Bio X Eden Plus 500ml Natural Pine Fragrance Disinfectant Repellent Extra Strength
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Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 9 cm x 26 cm
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8-in-1 Multi-Functions 
For Indoor & Outdoor Plants & Flowers
* Anti-Viral
* Anti-Fungal
* Insect Repellent
* Ovicidal
* Larvicidal
* Soil Conditioner
* Plant-Growth Enhancer

"* 100% natural botanical extracts
* Excellent residual effect prevents re-infestation
* water-based formula (safe for mammals & birds)
* Effectively repels various pests: aphids, caterpillars, flying insects, mealy bugs, spiders etc.
* Inhabits pest resistance and terminates pest propagation
Direction of Use:
1. First usage - remove the yellow clip below the nozzle head, To use, simple rotate the square nozzle to the spray state.
2. For best result, shake well before use every time so that you will achieve a fine uniform spray
3. Do not add water to further dilute solution, which will otherwise affect the product's efficiency
4. secure the yellow clip back when not in use. Store bottle in a cool dark place and avoid long term direct exposure to sunlight
5. make sure that the spray covers all parts of the plant, including both surfaces of the leave, as well as the sterms and roots around the soil. Avoid direct spraying on petals and stamens
6. For better efficiency, spray the plants after they have been watered. Once a week frequency will be ideal
7. For outdoor plants, avoid spraying two hours before rain

Bio-X Eden Plus is an extra strength version compared to Bio-X Eden. Added with (0.08%) etofenprox, which is 14 times safer than table salt, Bio-X Eden Plus can effectively eliminate various harmful pests, caterpillars, flying insects and spiders. Bio-X Eden Plus provides a total protection for indoor and outdoor plants, and is safe for mammals and birds.

In addition, Bio-X Eden Plus also can prevent any mosquitoes from breeding in the stagnant water in the pot. It can be sprayed directly onto your plants & soil.

What's in the box

1 x 100% Bio X Eden Plus 500ml Natural Pine Fragrance Disinfectant Repellent